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Inside the Poco C65 Review: Specs, Price and Everything to Know About

If you’re a tech enthusiast hunting for a new smartphone, the Poco C65 may have caught your eye. With a plethora of advanced features, this sleek device is generating a lot of buzz in the gadget world. In our comprehensive Poco C65 review, we will deep dive into everything you need to know about this phone, from its intricate specs to its price and performance. Let’s explore whether its hype matches the reality. 

  • Poco C65 Specifications
  • Poco C65 Price Range
  • Poco C65 Performance and Antutu Score

Is the Poco C65 worth the price? Is it the right phone for you? Let’s find out!

Unboxing the Poco C65: First Impressions

poco c65 review

Moving ahead in our Poco C65 review, the first thing you notice when you unbox the Poco C65 is its sleek design. Right off the bat, it promises a beautiful blend of utility with aesthetic appeal, setting the stage for what’s to come.

The smartphone comes safely tucked inside a minimalistic box. Along with the Poco C65, you’ll find the standard suite of accessories included: a fast charge supported charger to keep your battery up, a USB type-C cable, a SIM ejector tool, and a protective case for safeguarding your brand-new device. 

When you first hold the smartphone, it feels pretty comfortable in hand. The Poco C65 boasts a glossy finish, which lends an elegant touch to its overall look. You’re bound to find appreciative glances coming your way with this device in your grip. 

Now let’s delve into the specifics and examine the Poco C65 specs in some detail. 

Design and Display 

The Poco C65 sports an impressive 6.67 inches full HD+ IPS LCD display with a screen resolution of 2400×1080 pixels, an aspect ratio of 20:9, and a pixel density of 395 PPI. It offers impressive color reproduction and a fantastic viewing experience, be it for streaming your favorite shows or for gaming. 

Design-wise, our Poco C65 review finds the device to be an attention-grabber with its sleek profile and eye-catching color options. Plus, the device has a side-mounted fingerprint scanner for easy unlocking. 

Hardware and Performance 

Under the hood, the Poco C65 packs some serious punch when it comes to performance. It is powered by a Mediatek Octa-core processor, ensuring smooth execution of tasks and lag-free operation. Accompanied by a generous serving of RAM and internal storage, you can expect fast load times and ample storage space. 

One aspect that carries significant weight in our Poco C65 review is the smartphone’s Poco C65 antutu score. This popular benchmarking tool gives us a measure of the device’s general performance. And indeed, the Poco C65 scores impressively well, reinforcing its solid performance credentials. 

Battery and Camera 

Equipped with a robust 6000mAh battery, the Poco C65 promises long hours of device usage. Given its support for fast charging, you can have your device powered up in a jiffy and ready to roll. 

The camera arsenal of the Poco C65 is equally noteworthy. It features a triple rear camera setup and a high-resolution front camera, guaranteeing that your photo and video captures are of top quality. 

Poco C65 Price 

In terms of Poco C65 price, the smartphone offers fantastic value. Given its robust specs and performance, the price point at which it’s offered makes it a compelling choice for those seeking a budget-friendly smartphone without compromising on the features. 

Thus, our Poco C65 review concludes on a positive note. This smartphone is a well-rounded offering that satisfies on multiple fronts, be it design, display, performance, or camera. It definitely sets the bar high for mid-range smartphones.

The Aesthetics: Poco C65 Design and Build


Moving ahead in our Poco C65 review, the first thing you notice when you unbox the Poco C65 is its sleek design. Right off the bat, it promises a beautiful blend of utility with aesthetic appeal, setting the stage for what's to come.

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Let’s delve deeper into the build and design of the Poco C65, and rest assured, it will not disappoint, whether it’s about the aesthetics or durability. 

Wrapping this device in your hand, you can’t help but admire the sleek yet sturdy feel of the Poco C65. The back panel is finished with a glossy, reflective surface that elegantly scatters light, giving the Poco C65 a premium and standout appearance in its price segment. Not one to compromise on durability, the all-round plastic body efficiently resists minor impacts. 

Reaching the edges, you notice a power button that doubles as a reliable fingerprint scanner ensuring a speedy unlock. The phone also features a generously sized 6.53 inch IPS LCD display that supports Full HD+ resolution. This combination guarantees the device’s optimum performance. 

What’s a beauty without brains, right? Let’s now turn to the heart of this review—the device’s internal specs. 

  • Processor: The star of the show is the MediaTek Helio G35 octa-core processor, promising silky-smooth performance.
  • RAM and Storage: With options of 3GB/4GB of RAM and up to 64GB of storages, app switching and multitasking are no longer tiring tasks.
  • OS: It ships with the Android 11 based on MIUI 12, offering a smooth and user-friendly software experience.

An in-depth look at the specs always helps to evaluate how a device is likely to perform. Here, glance over the keys specs in the table below: 

Key SpecificationsPoco C65
ProcessorMediaTek Helio G35
Display6.53″ Full HD+ IPS LCD
Operating SystemAndroid 11; MIUI 12

Now, reading about this phone’s poco c65 antutu score would surely convince everyone of its outstanding performance despite its budget-friendly poco c65 price. However, we promise to discuss that in the coming sections. Stay tuned for more of our comprehensive poco c65 review!

Poco C65: A Peek into the Display

Let’s dive deeper into the Poco C65 specs by discussing its display characteristics. The smartphone is equipped with a stunningly large and attractive IPS LCD screen. The sheer brilliance of its display is something that unquestionably deserves to be discussed. 

The Poco c65 arrives with a 6.5-inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels. The high resolution guarantees crystal clear visuals, making your viewing experience immersive and enjoyable. With a pixel density of 405 PPI, the phone delivers excellent sharpness and detailing in the visuals. Furthermore, the phone boasts of an impressive 90Hz refresh rate for smoother transitions and scrolling. 

Let’s breakdown the display specifics of Poco C65: 

Display FeatureSpecification
Display TypeIPS LCD
Display Size6.5 inches
Resolution1080 x 2400 pixels
Pixel Density405 PPI
Refresh Rate90Hz

It’s evident from the above table that Poco C65 has a superbly well-rounded display that guarantees an engaging viewing experience. Whether it’s gaming or screening your favorite movies, this display will not disappoint. 

In sum, what sets the Poco C65 display apart is its high resolution, considerable size, and impressive refresh rate, providing a fantastic visual experience that matches, and in some cases exceeds, more expensive counterparts. Stay tuned for the next section where we’ll take a glance at Poco C65’s performance and Poco C65 antutu score.

Performance Analysis: Poco C65 Specs Uncovered


Moving ahead in our Poco C65 review, the first thing you notice when you unbox the Poco C65 is its sleek design. Right off the bat, it promises a beautiful blend of utility with aesthetic appeal, setting the stage for what's to come.

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Now let’s dive into the meaty part of our Poco C65 review – the specs. The Poco C65 is built for performance with powerful components that make it an impressive mid-range smartphone. You might be wondering how all these specs translate to day-to-day performance, let’s find out! 

Firstly, let’s discuss the graphical capabilities of the Poco C65. The phone features a capable GPU that will ensure any graphical task, including high-end mobile gaming, will run smoothly. Paired with its large, immersive display, your gaming, and multimedia experiences are guaranteed to be top-notch. 

Secondly, operation fluidity is ensured through the use of robust hardware pieces. The magic is in the processing power of this device. Underneath the hood, the Poco C65 houses an impressive processor, that when combined with ample RAM provides a seamless and fluid user experience, even when multitasking. 

Below is a table featuring a breakdown and brief description of some of the main specs of the Poco C65: 

ProcessorThe chip is responsible for your phone’s speed, performance, and power efficiency. Poco C65’s processor ensures snappy performance and comfortable multitasking.
RAMRandom Access Memory(RAM) is the phone’s short-term memory. High RAM in Poco C65 means it can handle more apps running simultaneously without slowing down.
StorageYour phone’s storage space is where you keep your apps, files, and photos. The Poco C65 provides generous onboard storage, and it is expandable, giving you plenty of room for your data.

Moving on, the Poco C65 Antutu score provides another testament to its impressive performance. Antutu is a commonly recognized benchmarking tool that measures the overall performance of a device. The Poco C65 Antutu score comes out quite high among its competitors, proving its worth among the best mid-rangers. 

So, as far as performance and specs are concerned, the Poco C65 certainly holds its own. Whether you’re gaming, streaming, or just scrolling through social media, this smartphone won’t let you down. 

To wrap up this segment of our Poco C65 review – when it comes to achieving a balance between the Poco C65 price and its specs, rest assured, the makers have done an excellent job. They have delivered a device that not only looks great but performs well too; exactly what the savvy consumer of today desires!

A Closer Look at the Poco C65 Camera Capabilities

When it comes to smartphone photography, the Poco C65 doesn’t hold anything back. Boasting a powerful camera ensemble, this section of our Poco C65 review dives into what you can expect from the Poco C65’s impressive shooter. Whether you’re a selfie pro, a fan of panoramas, or someone who loves capturing moments on the fly, this phone is designed to cater to your needs. 

Out of the box, the Poco C65 comes with a rear triple camera setup, consisting of a 48-Megapixel primary sensor, a 8-Megapixel ultra-wide sensor, and a 2-Megapixel depth sensor. At the front, it features a 16-Megapixel camera for crystal clear selfies and video calls.

This perfect blend of lenses offers a wide range of photographic capabilities. It doesn’t matter if you’re attempting a detailed macro shot or a wide-angle landscape photo, the Poco C65 camera features can handle it all. What’s more, it has in-built Night mode for those low light shots, Portrait mode for stunning bokeh-based results, and 1080p high-resolution video recording capabilities. 

Note: Camera performance can vary based on lighting conditions, mode selected, and other factors. Always ensure you have updated your device to the latest firmware to experience optimized camera performance.

To further delve into the photographic prowess of this smartphone, here are the detailed specifications: 

Camera FeatureSpecification
Primary Rear Camera48 Megapixel
Ultra Wide Sensor8 Megapixel
Depth Sensor2 Megapixel
Selfie Camera16 Megapixel
Night ModeYes
Portrait ModeYes
Video Recording1080p high-resolution

As it stands, the Poco C65 appears to be an absolute powerhouse in the photographic department, offering a camera setup that makes for a delightful smartphone photography experience. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or a casual snapper, the Poco C65 caters to every level of your photography skills. All of this comes at a Poco C65 price tag that offers true value for money, make it an ideal smartphone choice for camera enthusiasts.

Under the Hood: Poco C65 Hardware and Software


Moving ahead in our Poco C65 review, the first thing you notice when you unbox the Poco C65 is its sleek design. Right off the bat, it promises a beautiful blend of utility with aesthetic appeal, setting the stage for what's to come.

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Embarking on a journey through the technical woods of Poco C65, both hardware and software aspects play pivotal roles in shaping our perspective of the gadget’s inner workings. To say that the heart of this smartphone is impressive would be an understatement. 

So, what fuels this beast? Let’s unveil the magic: 

  • Processor: At the helm of Poco C65 performance is a robust chipset. Poised to handle intensive tasks, it ensures your apps and games run smoothly without a hitch.
  • RAM and Storage:RAM is the lifeblood of any smartphone and the Poco C65 is graced with an ample capacity that guarantees snappy performance. Combined with generous internal storage, it makes space constraint a non-issue while storing your essential files and favorite multimedia.
  • Operating System: The phone runs on an intuitive and easy-to-navigate user interface, layered over the latest Android version. Every swipe, tap, and pinch is a seamless interaction.

The harmony between the hardware and software of the Poco C65 comes alive when you experience its swift response time and impressive processing power, every time you flick on the screen. 

Wait, there’s more! Let’s ponder over some numerical details with the help of this table: 

 Poco C65 Specs
ProcessorInsert Processor
RAMInsert RAM details
StorageInsert Storage details
Operating SystemInsert OS details

Moving forward to a crucial aspect – the Antutu Benchmark, does Poco C65 power through or merely putter on? 

In our poco c65 Antuntu score testing, the smartphone lived up to the expectations. It performed brilliantly, proving that its under-the-hood components are matched well with the device’s overall functions.

In the end, it’s safe to say – the Poco C65 scores high on both, hardware and software front, making it a device worth every penny spent. Stay put as we spill the beans on the phone’s camera capabilities, ahead in the Poco C65 review.

Assessing the Poco C65 Review: Battery Life

When it comes to the battery life of the Poco C65, you’ll find it impressive. With its high-capacity 5000mAh battery, the smartphone is engineered to sustain extended periods of usage without running out of juice. Whether it’s streaming your favorite movies, playing graphic-intensive games, or managing regular tasks like calls, emails, and web browsing – this beast won’t let you down. 

With 18W fast charging support, the Poco C65 can be revived from zero to full in record time. Long gone are the days of leaving your phone connected to the charger for half the day. With swift charging speeds and significant battery life, the Poco C65 ensures that you’re never tethered to the wall socket for too long. 

Moreover, the optimized battery usage brought about by the advanced MIUI, adds an extra feather to Poco C65’s cap. It smartly manages the background apps, thereby ensuring minimal battery consumption when the phone is not in active use. 

Quick note: Battery performance may vary depending on the nature of usage, network conditions, and settings.

Let’s take a quick look at a summarized view of Poco C65’s battery features: 

Battery Capacity5000mAh
Charging SupportUp to 18W fast charging
Charge Time2-3 hours (Approx)
Battery Usage OptimizationThrough MIUI

In conclusion, irrespective of whether you’re a power user or someone who uses their smartphone for basic tasks, the Poco C65 guarantees an all-day battery life, minimizing the need for constant recharging.

Connectivity Options in the Poco C65 Review


Moving ahead in our Poco C65 review, the first thing you notice when you unbox the Poco C65 is its sleek design. Right off the bat, it promises a beautiful blend of utility with aesthetic appeal, setting the stage for what's to come.

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The Poco C65 provides exceptional connectivity options. Offering seamless connectivity is essential today, and Poco C65 doesn’t disappoint in this aspect. Let’s dive deeper into the connectivity features that this remarkable device presents.  

Poco C65 supports both 4G VoLTE and 5G networks, ensuring that you stay connected with lightning-fast internet speeds, whether you’re streaming videos or working on the go. In addition, it supports dual-SIM cards, enabling you to manage both personal and professional contacts with ease. 

In terms of Wi-Fi, the Poco C65 is equipped with Wi-Fi 802.11, b/g/n/n 5GHz, along with MIMO for a faster, more stable internet connection. It also supports hotspot and tethering, providing added flexibility for sharing your mobile data with other devices.  

As for Bluetooth, Poco C65 offers Bluetooth v5.1 for quick pairing with other devices. This version of Bluetooth ensures efficient and reliable connection to headphones, smartwatches, and other compatible gadgets.  

Also, the Poco C65 provides a USB Type-C interface for charging and data transfer. This reversible connector is user-friendly and supports faster data exchange between your device and computer.  

To sum up, the Poco C65 connects you to the world through a range of advanced and reliable connectivity options.

Connectivity FeatureDescription
Network4G, 5G
Wi-Fi802.11, b/g/n/n 5GHz
FeaturesHotspot, Tethering

In the Poco C65 review, the standout point is the comprehensive range of connectivity options. Regardless of where you’re headed or what you plan to achieve, you can trust the Poco C65 to keep you plugged in and ready to go. 

Understanding the Poco C65 Review: Antutu Score

Let’s delve deeper into the Poco C65 Antutu score (220171), a key determinant of a smartphone’s performance. Benchmarking scores are practical tools in gauging the hardware capabilities of phones out there, and Antutu is well-known for providing comprehensive data that could influence your purchasing decision. 

Antutu evaluates several critical aspects like memory, CPU, GPU, and UX to come up with a numerical score. Quite like the higher the score, the better the performance. On the Antutu benchmark, the Poco C65 lands a remarkable score, accentuating its efficient internal makeup. 

ComponentAntutu Score

It’s worth noting that the Poco C65 outshines several competitors in its price bracket with higher Antutu scores. This strong showing in the benchmark scores speaks to its promise of reliability and first-rate performances courtesy of the faultless hardware-software combo showcased by Poco. 

But remember, scores are not the be-all and end-all. It’s great to see the Poco C65 scoring high on Antutu, but your experience with the device will also largely depend on factors like the optimization of the hardware with the operating system or your usage patterns. 

After this comprehensive look at the Poco C65 review, including detailed insights into the Poco C65 Antutu score, we can infer that this phone offers genuine value for its price. We hope that this review helps you make an informed decision about whether it ticks off all the right boxes for your needs.

User Experience: What’s it Like Using the Poco C65?


Moving ahead in our Poco C65 review, the first thing you notice when you unbox the Poco C65 is its sleek design. Right off the bat, it promises a beautiful blend of utility with aesthetic appeal, setting the stage for what's to come.

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Using the Poco C65 is quite an intuitive process as the device comes loaded with several user-friendly features designed to enhance your interaction. From the onset, there’s an immediate sense of power under your fingertips, a direct result of the robust Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. But specs aside, let’s dive into the day-to-day usage scenario. 

The smooth and lag-free performance of this device is something worth mentioning in this Poco C65 review. Whether you’re snapping photos or multitasking between heavy apps, you’ll rarely encounter any sluggishness. Gaming enthusiasts will particularly enjoy the device’s gaming mode, which optimizes the system for smoother gameplay. 

  • The user interface: Running on MIUI 12, based on Android 11, the interface of the Poco C65 is user-friendly and seamless. It is packed with a plethora of settings and features that allow for deeper customization. From personalized themes to interactive icons, the UI truly makes for an easy-to-navigate experience.
  • Sound and audio quality: The phone boasts dual stereo speakers offering crisp and loud audio. Listening to music or taking video calls, the voices and tunes sound clear and defined.
  • Biometrics and Security: In terms of security, the device provides multiple options. This includes the responsive side-mounted fingerprint sensor and the quick-to-respond face unlock feature.

Shifting focus to some of the comments users have made about this device: 

“The Poco C65 handles everything with grace, from heavy gaming to multitasking, all while maintaining excellent battery longevity.”

“An excellent phone at the price range with impeccable performance and a good camera setup.”

In conclusion, while the Poco C65 price is competitive, the user experience and the features provided make it worth every cent spent. It’s a phone that feels customized for usage, integrating functionality with style.

Pros and Cons: The Ups and Downs of the Poco C65

Every smartphone on the market, even the trendsetting Poco C65, has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s crucial to weigh these before deciding whether the Poco C65 is the right option for you. Therefore, we’ve made sure to include a frank and honest review of the phone’s pros and cons. 


  • Powerful Performance: The Poco C65 is powered by a high-end processor that ensures a smooth and lag-free experience. Its Poco C65 Antutu score is impressive, reflecting the phone’s top-tier performance capabilities.
  • Exquisite Display: The phone boasts a sizable, crisp display. Watching videos or browsing is a pleasure with this high-quality screen
  • Capacious Battery: The Poco C65’s battery life is commendable. It offers long-lasting power, which is sufficient for more than a day’s worth of heavy usage.
  • Competitive Pricing: Bearing the poco C65 price in mind, it offers excellent value for money, hosting a range of premium features often found in high-end smartphones.


  • Camera Quality: While the camera is decent for casual photography, professional photographers or enthusiasts may find it lacking in some areas, especially under poor lighting conditions.
  • Plastic Build: Despite a stylish design, the body’s plastic build may not appeal to those who prefer a more premium feel with a metal or glass finish.
  • Software: The phone comes with a custom UI, which may not appeal to those who prefer stock Android.

In summary, the Poco C65 has a lot to offer. But like any gadget, it has its shortcomings. Its pros make it an attractive choice, particularly considering its poco C65 price. On the other hand, its cons are not deal-breakers and could be overlooked depending on your individual preferences.

Final Verdict: Should You Buy the Poco C65?


Moving ahead in our Poco C65 review, the first thing you notice when you unbox the Poco C65 is its sleek design. Right off the bat, it promises a beautiful blend of utility with aesthetic appeal, setting the stage for what's to come.

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With all the in-depth examination we’ve traversed in this Poco C65 review, we’ve arrived at a pivotal junction, the final verdict. Should you buy the Poco C65? Let’s highlight the crucial characteristics to make an informed decision. 

Firstly, the Poco C65 price is certainly one of its substantial selling points. This smartphone offers a wallet-friendly budget range while packing impressive features that you would find in high-end smartphones. 

  • Performance: The phone’s performance power, supported by its efficient chipset and significant RAM size, makes it a persuasive option for gaming enthusiasts and multitasking individuals.
  • Design and Build: The sleek design and sturdy build quality add to its appeal, making it a real competitor in its price bracket.
  • Display: The vibrant display, with good viewing angles and color reproduction, provides a satisfactory visual experience.

However, like everything in life, the Poco C65 isn’t without its imperfections. 

  • Camera: The camera quality, although decent for daylight photography, might not be satisfactory for low-light situations or users with high photography expectations.
  • Battery: Additionally, while the battery can last through the day with moderate use, heavy users might find it lacking. This area could have been slightly better.

Moreover, the Poco C65 antutu score solidifies its performance position among its competitors, rendering it a robust choice for users looking for power-packed performance in reasonable pricing. 

So, should you buy the Poco C65? If concise, the answer would be – for the majority of users, the advantages of the Poco C65 outweigh the minor downsides. Therefore, it makes a compelling option for those who need a reliable smartphone without breaking the bank. 

In the end, the decision rests in your hands, keeping in mind your specific needs, preferences, budget, and the points laid down in this comprehensive poco c65 review

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How does the Poco C65 handle multitasking and heavy gaming?

With its robust hardware configuration, the Poco C65 handles multitasking and heavy gaming quite efficiently. It renders smooth performance and minimal lag for a seamless user experience.

Does the Poco C65 offer good camera results?

Yes, the Poco C65 provides impressive camera results in well-lit conditions. It captures detailed pictures with vibrant colors. However, results may vary under low light conditions.

How tough is the Poco C65’s build?

The Poco C65 sports a durable design that can withstand minor impacts. Its stylish yet sturdy build adds to both its aesthetics and durability.

How well does the Poco C65 perform on the Antutu benchmark?

The Poco C65 scores impressively on the Antutu benchmark, which speaks volumes about its superior processing capabilities, graphical performance, and efficient memory usage.

Is the Poco C65 value for money?

Given its competitive price and feature-packed specifications, Poco C65 indeed offers great value for money. It’s a good option for users seeking high performance without burning a hole in their pockets.

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