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Discover the Best Facial Serums for Oily Skin: Top 5 Options to Consider in 2024

Struggling to find the perfect face serum for your oily skin? We’ve heard your cries for help and compiled a comprehensive list of the top 5 best facial serums you should definitely try out in 2024. Each of these serums are formulated to handle excess oil, fight pimple-causing bacteria, offer hydration, and give a boost of necessary radiance. They are your partners in achieving that dream-worthy glow sans the oiliness. Let’s dive in

Do remember, the right face serum can re-energize your skin and refine its texture while managing oil production.

  • Face serum for oily skin: Made to handle the surplus of sebum.
  • Facial serum: A potent mix of active ingredients, targeting specific skin issues.
  • Best facial serums: Highly subjective, but our top picks are crafted based on efficacy and user reviews.
  • Best facial serums for glowing skin: Enhances skin radiance while balancing oil levels.

These face serums are not just about managing your oily skin but also care for your skin’s overall health. So, whether you have sensitive, combination, or pigmented oily skin, our list will provide options for all. So, stay tuned as we unveil the best facial serums for face glow, ideal night serums, and the best serums from India, crafted just for you. 

Note: Always patch test any serum on your skin before applying it to the face to check compatibility. We have considered the face serum price, so there’s something for every pocket size. Let’s make your skin happy! 

The Power of Best Facial Serums for Oily Skin

best facial serums

Finding the right face serum for oily skin can be a key step in maintaining a healthy and glowing complexion. So, we took the liberty to compile a list of the 5 best facial serums that can help you to manage your oily skin, reduce pigmentation, and impart a lasting glow. Whether you’re looking for a day-time accompaniment or the best night serum for glowing skin, we’ve got you covered. 

1. Mamaearth Vitamin C Daily Glow Face Serum for Men & Women

Mamaearth Face Serum for Men & Women
₹203.00 (₹20.30 / millilitre)

Enriched with 5% Vitamin C

Fades Dark Spots

Unlocks Natural Glow

Made Safe Certified

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02/01/2024 12:11 am GMT

If you’re after that everyday glow with the best facial serums for glowing skin in India, Mamaearth Vitamin C Daily Glow Face Serum might just be your new skincare bestie.

Loaded with 50x more vitamin C compared to their Daily Glow Face Cream, this radiant booster is designed with oily skin serum in mind. Say goodbye to dull skin as this antioxidant powerhouse brightens and rejuvenates your complexion every day. 

  • Enriched with 5% Vitamin C: Power-packed with antioxidants, this face serum for oily skin energizes your skin, resulting in a bright and radiant complexion.
  • Fades Dark Spots: It’s all about that even skin tone. Powered up with 5% Niacinamide, this serum for face works to fade dark spots and creates a flawless finish.
  • Unlocks Natural Glow: Who doesn’t want to embrace their natural glow? Infused with anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric, this skin serum for oily skin fights dullness, making you glow like never before.
  • Made Safe Certified: Mamaearth’s face glow serum is crafted from natural ingredients and is toxin-free, making it one of the best facial serums for all skin types.

2. L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Serum

Our Pick
L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Serum, Hydrating and Plumping, With 1.5% Hyaluronic Acid, 15ml
₹370.00 (₹24.67 / gram)

Packed with Hyaluronic Acid

Enhances Skin Firmness

Reduces Wrinkles

Provides 24-hour Hydration

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02/01/2024 12:27 am GMT

When it comes to the best facial serums for oily skin that delivers, L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Serum stands tall among the rest. Permeated with micro hyaluronic acid that’s 50 times more compact than usual, it provides optimal type of serum for face absorption. This unique feature enables this face serum, one of the best facial serums for glowing skin, to intensely hydrate and smoothen your skin.

  • Consistent usage can lead to a noticeable reduction in your fine lines, with an impressive cutback of up to 60%! This anti ageing serum for oily skin definitely shines in the longevity department.
  • Whether you need a best night serum for glowing skin or a day application, you can seamlessly integrate this serum for face into your daily skincare routine. Talk about versatility!

Conscious about harmful ingredients in your skin serum for oily skin? You can relax knowing that the L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Serum is free of fragrances, parabens, and alcohol. This serum oily skin formulation makes it a perfect choice for those with sensitive or combination skin.

Whether for best serum for combination skin or a face serum for combination skin, this product can truly transform your skin for a glowing outcome!

3. The Derma Co Face Serum

The Derma Co Face Serum Unisex

Enriched with Niacinamide

Helps in Skin Repair

Minimizes Large Pores

Regulates Sebum Production

Enhances Skin Elasticity

Fights Skin Inflammations

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02/01/2024 12:00 am GMT

What’s remarkable about The Derma Co Face Serum is the potent ingredient, niacinamide or Vitamin B3. Not only does this serum on face help in controlling acne-causing oil production, but it also aids in evening out your skin tone. In particular, those red, purple, and brown acne scars that make you reaching for concealers can visibly fade with regular use. That’s the power of a good face glow serum! 

  • Fights acne: Niacinamide has been clinically demonstrated to significantly improve large pores and prevent acne. A consistent regimen with this best face serum can lead to a noticeable reduction in lesions and an overall improved skin texture.
  • Safe & effective formulation: Beyond clearing up acne marks, this serum for face has a clean, effective formula. Free from mineral oil, dyes, parabens, and sulfates, this oily skin serum promises visible results with steady usage from 3-6 weeks.
  • Skin inclusivity: This best face serum for glowing skin is tailor-made for everyone, regardless of skin type. Anyone struggling with acne marks, scars, open pores or an uneven skin texture may just find The Derma Co to be their perfect face glow serum.

Indeed, with all its benefits and safe formulation, this is one of the best facial serums for oily skin and holds its own among the best facial serums in India.

4. Minimalist 10% Niacinamide Face Serum

Minimalist 10% Niacinamide Face Serum

Ability to help in skin repair.

Minimize large pores and regulate sebum production.

Enhances skin elasticity.

Fights skin inflammation and contributes to overall skin health.

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02/01/2024 12:04 am GMT

The Minimalist 10% Niacinamide Face Serum is the best face serum on the market if achieving an even complexion and preventing future spots are your primary goals. The high-grade pure vitamin B3 (niacinamide) packed in this serum is clinically proven to simplify your skin care routine by reducing acne marks and dark spots in as little as two weeks. Expect no more skin blemishes, just clear, healthy skin! 

  • Balances Oil & Reduces Open Pores: Gone are the days of greasy skin and enlarged pores! This serum gives you a clear matt look all day by balancing oil, controlling sebum activity, and reducing pore congestion. Plus, it improves skin texture by minimizing visible pores and soothing inflammations – thanks to the presence of aloe vera.
  • Anti-acne & Improves Skin Barrier: Say goodbye to breakouts or pimples. This serum increases your skin’s resistance against sun and pollution damage, as well as damage from other toxic chemicals or allergens, courtesy of niacinamide and zinc. What’s more, a daily dose of this serum repairs your skin barrier and enhances dermal immunity.
  • Clean & Transparent Beauty: You can trust the Minimalist 10% Niacinamide Face Serum, as it’s free from fragrance, silicones, sulfates, parabens, essential oils, and dyes. It’s also non-comedogenic, oil-free, and hypoallergenic. Designed with a pH of 5.5 – 6.5, this serum contains less than 100 ppm residual nicotinic acid, ensuring minimal skin discomfort.
  • Suits Normal to Oily Skin: Though it’s safe for all skin types, this is the best face serum for those with oily or acne-prone skin. Individuals with dry or sensitive skin can opt for the Minimalist 5% Niacinamide with 1% Hyaluronic Acid for added hydration.

5. Garnier Skin Naturals, Face Serum

Garnier Skin Naturals, Face Serum
₹452.00 (₹15.07 / millilitre)

Repairs skin

Minimizes pores

Regulates sebum

Enhances elasticity.

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02/01/2024 12:20 am GMT

Let’s shine some light on the Gem of the list – the Garnier Bright Complete Vitamin C Serum. This serum is Garnier Skin Naturals’ tour de force in terms of their most potent brightening and spot reduction formula. It’s one of the best facial serums specifically designed for those with oily skin. 

  • Powerhouse of Vitamin C: Brimming with the might of 30x Vitamin C and the zesty potency of lemons, this serum for face marks a significant leap forward in skincare innovation.
  • Lightweight and Non-oily: Despite garnering such potency, the formula is remarkably lightweight and non-oily. It seeps instantly into your skin, reducing the greasiness often associated with an oily skin serum.
  • Instant Glow: Known as one of the best facial serums for glowing skin, it gives you that sought-after immediate radiance after application and fades dark spots in just 3 days.

With the Garnier Bright Complete Vitamin C Face Serum, you get to experience fast and visible results on your journey towards clear, radiant skin. Being arguably one of the best facial serums for glowing skin in India, it’s worth considering as part of your daily skincare regimen.

Factors to Consider: Price, Ingredients, and Effectiveness

Navigating the world of the best facial serums can feel a tad overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to find the perfect match for your oily skin. Budget, ingredients, and performance are crucial factors to contemplate while choosing optimal face serums for greasy complexion. Let’s break these factors down, shall we? 


Before getting captivated by the benefits of a face serum for oily skin, hold up and take a closer look at the price. Face serums come in a wide range of prices, from affordable to premium. The face serum price often reflects the quality of ingredients and the brand’s reputation. However, a higher price tag doesn’t always equate to better results, and numerous budget serums offer impressive results. 


When it comes to face serums, the ingredient list is vital. Look for serums that contain oil-balancing ingredients such as Niacinamide and Salicylic Acid. You might also appreciate the presence of Hyaluronic Acid, which provides perfect hydration without making your skin greasy. For those dealing with pigmentation, a pigmentation serum for oily skin with Vitamin C or Kojic Acid can be highly beneficial. 


The effectiveness of a serum is perhaps the most crucial factor. You want to choose a skin serum for oily skin that offers visible results. Whether you’re seeking the best serum for face glow or the best night serum for glowing skin, always lookout for tried and tested products that promise effective results. User reviews and feedback can often provide valuable insights into a product’s performance. 

Comparative Overview 

Bearing these factors in mind, the table below provides a comparative look at the key factors of the top 5 face serums we discussed earlier:

Remember, finding the perfect serum for oily skin is a personal journey. Look at these key factors, but ultimately, it’s crucial to select a serum that suits your unique skin needs most effectively.

Achieve Glowing, Age-Defying Skin with the Best Facial Serums for Oily Skin

In our comparative analysis of the top 5 face serums for oily skin, Mamaearth’s Vitamin C Daily Glow Face serum stands out as our favorite for 2024. Its combined affordability, effective ingredients, and exceptional performance make it the best choice for those looking to combat oiliness and achieve glowing, healthy skin.

Regardless of your choice, it’s clear that well-chosen face serums are powerful tools in maintaining vibrant and youthful skin. Just remember to consider price, ingredients, and effectiveness before making your selection.

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Can I use a face serum every day?

Yes, you can! Most face serums for oily skin are formulated to be gentle enough for daily use. However, always follow the instructions on the packaging and consider any advice given by your dermatologist.

When is the best time to apply serums?

It’s usually best to apply a face serum after cleansing and toning your skin but before moisturizing. Some serums, like the best night serums, are designed to be used just before bed, while others can be used in the morning.

I have combination skin. Is face serum suitable for me?

Yes! The best face serums are able to adapt to different skin types, including combination skin. Look for a face serum for combination skin that helps to balance oil production and hydrate dry areas.

What is the difference between facial serum and face oil, are they similar?

What is the difference between facial serum and face oil, are they similar?
A4: Although both are used to nourish your skin, facial serum and face oil serve different purposes. Serums are lightweight and contain a high concentration of active ingredients. They are designed to penetrate deeply into your skin’s layers to deliver these ingredients.

Can a face serum be used for pigmentation?

Absolutely. Some face serums are designed specifically to tackle skin issues such as pigmentation. These pigmentation serums for oily skin can help reduce the appearance of dark spots for a more even skin tone.

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